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Think of us as that friend who will push your boundaries in the best ways. That friend who will tell you not to order the butter chicken again when we go out for Indian. We're the ones who will jump up first for karaoke when no one else wants to and we'll still be there for you even after you've kept us up all night snoring.

We want you to do you, no judgement. Regardless of what you do for work, your age, where you come from. When you're with us, you can step away from that day-to-day version of yourself and be whoever you want to be.


Erika Friese Twofiveo Tour Co.
Api Ihaia Twofiveo Tour Co.

Erika appreciates the spontaneous and unconventional, living life by the morals of her heart and mind rather than ones she's been told to. She attempts to give her f**ks in all the right ways, leaving none for the bs, standing up for things she believes in and treating everyone with compassion. She believes life is an adventure to be had and success is a measure of fulfilment and the stories we can look back on in the end. She adores cats and will gladly challenge you to shotgun a beer.  

Api likes to skateboard.

It was early 2018, Erika was on a boat in Ha Long Bay cruising back to mainland Vietnam from a 3 day adventure when she imagined running a similar style all-inclusive tour on the Island. "What would we do, take people to Tim Hortons?", her friend Jess joked. The idea stuck with her and she researched, noticing how much the industry for backpackers that is common in most of world was lacking here, despite it being the ultimate playground: endless outdoor adventure options, quirky towns, gorgeous nature and the surf capital of Canada all an easy ferry ride from Vancouver.

Erika and Api's extensive experience in tourism and hospitality around the globe combined with Erika's grassroots connection to Vancouver Island and passion for travel put them in a unique position to serve this area of the market, filling this void in the industry by delivering unique adventure tours unlike any other on offer.

So if you're looking to get out there, get weird, we're here for it all. Click the book now button below and lock in your next adventure.


At Twofiveo Tour Co. we have carefully curated adventures that connect you with the underrated areas of this dynamic island that are traditionally overlooked. We know that having an authentic experience means getting off the beaten path and connecting in ways you won't find in a guide book. 

Pacific Rim Beach Vancouver Island Canada

We show you Vancouver Island from a local’s perspective by cutting the touristy stuff. The do-it-yourself options of taking a bus or renting a car can be boring by yourself and you'll miss all the good stuff between the popular locations if you don't know where to look. The few tours that are available seem rushed, commercial or over budget, most barely scratching the surface of what the island has to offer. We want you to go deep. We won't rush you over from Vancouver to spend half your time travelling and we won't charge you an arm and a leg. Our unique adventures are fairly priced with your budget in mind so you can save your coin for the next trip.

We get that travel is more than a break from everyday life. Sure, it's great to go somewhere beautiful but what we're really searching for are the emotions evoked in the experience. It's that self discovery, here-for-a-good-time-not-a-long-time vibe, connections you make with the people you meet that feeds your soul! Travel is a chance to connect with people from all over the world, and we think that’s pretty special. We want to give you the chance to know your travel crew, that's why we keep our group sizes intimate and personal.

Through travel we gain insight into the people, places and nature of our world leaving us more compassionate, understanding, fulfilled and connected. We live for these profound experiences. They stay with us through memories, new friends, refreshed perspectives.

All sentiments aside, we have some of the best damn times of our lives.