Coming to Vancouver Island?
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Get lost like a local

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At twofiveo, we love Vancouver Island

and want to share it. Our boutique adventure

company specializes in curated tours through Vancouver

Island, providing access to gems off the beaten path. It’s BC,

but shown from a local’s perspective. Think dreamy nature, rich

culture, and charming townships.

No matter your travelling situation, whether solo, with friends, backpacking, or on a quick vacay from another province, we cater to your needs.



Let's Get Crafty!

Courtenay Brewery Adventure


Nothin' to Wine About

Cowichan Winery Adventure

(more here)

We pride ourselves on being able to find cool stuff to do for a good price overseas, but Canada looked like it was going to defeat us, until Twofiveo came to the party. The two hosts, Erika and Api, nail that thing you didn’t know you were missing, a truely local and Canadian experience. 

- Sam, 28 yo, Wellington, NZ

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